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Working with Data

Redefining Emergency Medicine Excellence Through Continuous Process Improvement

Our goal at Emergency Care Partners (ECP) is to improve patient experience and satisfaction by optimizing Emergency Department (ED) throughput, highlighting areas of opportunities that yield the biggest improvements, and assist in change management and implementation. If you would like to learn more about our approach with data or if you would like to discuss how we can help your emergency department, contact our team of experts.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data Integration to Drive Process Improvement

Emergency Care Partner’s ability to integrate with a hospital’s EMR support our partners with the ability to better manage patient volume, optimize coverage, and evaluate provider productivity, therefore maximizing ED throughput efficiency. We are also able to assist with billing reconciliation, provide data quality improvements for accurate reporting and support implementation of patient census tracking. Process improvements are made possible by deploying the following resources:

  • Standard inbuilt reports providing valuable insights which can be used to evaluate baseline processes in the emergency department and identify target areas for improvement by automatically compiling reports from different sources.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly automatic reports sent directly from the ECP Analytics platform to facilitate continuous monitoring and control.
  • Customizable data visualizations with ability to be drilled down to the specific patient level. Project-specific reports built on demand to rapidly assist in pilot improvement projects and initiatives.
  • Continuous data validation helping to provide governance around clinical quality measures by identifying inconsistent and missing data.
  • Automatic alerts on critical measures to notify process owners of any deviations from Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals.
  • Discrete Event Simulation Modeling and Analysis.

ED Flow Simulator

Emergency Care Partner’s Senior Industrial Engineer, walks through and demonstrates a discrete event simulation model. The simulation was created leveraging the integrated EMR data from a partner group’s hospital.

Doing More with Data

Dr. Mark Laperouse, Chief Medical Officer at Professional Emergency Physician Associates (PEPA) talks about how they are leveraging data to customize solutions and improve outcomes in the emergency departments they serve.

How We Do It: Our Secret Formula

Our process begins by focusing on 4 EMR data file exports: demographic, lab orders, radiology and caregiver. These 4 extracts, or flat files, are triggered to be sent daily which includes data from the past 3 days of runtime. Our team imports these files into our analytics platform to provide digestible and customizable reports.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Integration

Our team of experts are able to integrate with various EMRs including but not limited to EPIC, Cerner, Meditech and McKesson. Our integration process is planned over 3 phases.

Evaluating, Validating, and Improving Data Quality

The received data is processed and validated daily through multiple checkpoints before it is uploaded into ECP’s data warehouse. Various sets of rules are built-in to flag any incorrect or erroneous data in new or existing records. These rules are defined under 2 broad categories depending upon their severity and use case for each facility.

Examples Snapshots from Emergency Care Partners Analytics

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