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Lead Pass Program:

Earn up to $30,000

Do you have a connection to a physician group leader or a hospital administrator who would be interested in learning more about a partnership with Emergency Care Partners (ECP)? Or do you have intel on a hospital that might be looking to make a switch to their EM provider? Fill out ECP’s Lead Pass Program form and potentially put cash in your pocket.

Use the form below to fill out your contact information. Once we have received the submission, we will connect with you within 3 business days to learn about the lead you would like to submit.

  • If you would like to provide any lead details now, i.e. name, organization, title, etc, please do so in the comment field below.
Emergency Care Partners’ (“ECP”) Lead Pass Program is intended to compensate Lead Sources for initiating contact between ECP or its affiliated physician practices and a potential hospital client for legitimate business purposes. Lead Source involvement is limited to the introduction of the potential hospital client to ECP and will not include participation in the negotiation and/or decision-making process.

A hospital or hospital system considering making a change to its full-time emergency department management which is not currently on ECP’s pipeline report and the lead is not a publicly announced procurement (i.e. RFP).

A Lead is valid for 12 months from the date the lead is registered by Jessica Ogden, Business Development Manager. The Lead must be registered to qualify. If the agreement is signed within the eligible award period, and provided all eligibility requirements are met, the appropriate award will be paid to the Lead Source within 30 days of the receipt of the signed agreement.

  • Clinical employee of ECP or its affiliated physician practices.
  • Independent contractor (clinical and non-clinical).
  • Corporate employee (excluding physician practice presidents, board members and of the business development team who receive compensation based on business generation)
  • Individual outside of ECP All Lead Source eligibility remains subject to review by the Operations Support Manager with Legal Department guidance and subject to the requirements of the Lead Program Policy.

DISCLAIMER: This Lead Program is subject to ECP’s Lead Program Policy and all of the requirements thereof. Any Lead Source who does not comply with the requirements of the policy will be ineligible to receive the award. In its administration of the Lead Program, ECP and its affiliated physician practices intend to at all times comply with all applicable statutes, laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of any federal, state or local governmental authority with respect to regulatory matters relating to patient healthcare or fraud and abuse including, without limitation, the federal and state Anti-Kickback Statutes, False Claims Statutes, and Stark Law to the extent they apply to the Lead Program.