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Strength in numbers

Partner with like-minded emergency medicine colleagues and maintain your hard-earned identity while gaining the resources necessary for long-term success.


Emergency Care Partners (ECP) is a national emergency medicine partner for successful, high-quality emergency medicine practices.

We believe in the statement “medicine is local.” ECP supports successful emergency medicine practices with the resources necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape.

Why choose ECP?

Healthcare is evolving — and so is your practice.

We provide a structure that allows emergency medicine groups to retain their name, operational identity and leadership teams while gaining the resources and support needed to continue to succeed.

In today’s healthcare environment, it is more important than ever to be proactive. ECP partners see a number of benefits, including:

Financial liquidity and diversified risk

Administrative and operational resources

Retain an ownership position in a true partnership model


Bill Yarbrough

Chief Executive Officer

Andy Sama, M.D., FACEP

Executive Vice President

David Kim, M.D.

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Shammi Kataria, M.D., FAAEM

Executive Vice President

Amy Provost

Chief Operating Officer

Kirk Richard

Chief Development Officer

Barbara Fit

General Counsel

Brett McIntyre

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Calton

Chris Calton, MBA

Chief Development Officer, M&A

Shammi Kataria, M.D., FAAEM – Founder and President of PEMM and PEPA
We looked to capitalize and realized that to continue growing successfully, we would need additional resources and expertise. We partnered with ECP in particular because they closely aligned with our strategy for growth, management and operational leadership. They also committed significant resources to help us achieve these goals.
Shammi Kataria, M.D., FAAEM – Founder and President of PEMM and PEPA
Andrew Sama, M.D., FACEP – President, Progressive Emergency Physicians
As Progressive’s patient volume increased exponentially, we recognized we needed a partner who would allow for expansion without compromising our mission. ECP provided us with the capacity to grow and the ability to continue operating our business as an independent, physician-operated company lead by local leaders.
Andrew Sama, M.D., FACEP – President, Progressive Emergency Physicians

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