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Defining What a True Partnership Means in Emergency Medicine

Local Practice, Community Driven, Excellent Patient Care and Experience

Emergency Care Partners (ECP) works with emergency medicine groups throughout the country to provide world-class resources designed to support hospitals, physicians and advanced practice providers. As a partner to these practices, we leverage our national reach to ensure access to resources to position emergency department teams for continued success in today’s competitive healthcare environment.

We believe that partnership goes beyond the transaction. We understand and appreciate the importance of a local emergency medicine group that knows the needs of the community, and remains focused on providing outstanding care and experience to the patients they serve.


Our extraordinary emergency medicine providers are leaders in their field, providing exceptional patient care to their local communities. Make your hospital the "hospital of choice" for your community when you keep medicine local.


Through collaboration, emergency medicine groups gain the resources necessary to thrive in a continuously evolving environment. A partnership with ECP means clinical autonomy, operational resources, and local leadership.

Emergency Medicine Resources Designed for
Emergency Medicine Practices

Full-Time Recruiters
To assist in immediate or future recruitment efforts, ECP has the support of dedicated EM specific recruiters who are familiar with the local region and have the expertise and resources to recruit nationally. Our team has access to industry leading resources to ensure the most effective recruiting tactics are utilized to meet group and hospital partner needs.
Payroll & Benefits
ECP offers our partner groups regional offices and teams to provide centralized key administrative support in the form of payroll and premier benefits programs.
Patient Satisfaction & Experience Tools
We strive to make all our facilities the “Hospital of Choice” for their community. Our partnership model enables us to recruit the right providers that are fully engaged in the success of the hospital and will work hand in hand with facility administration to create goals that improve patient satisfaction with quality initiatives including but not limited to a robust aftercare program and physician led call-backs, and high performing ED observation units.
Additional Revenue Streams
Our unique ownership model drives a culture of physician engagement necessary to meet the evolving demands of today’s healthcare environment. Combining clinical care with operational and financial excellence, we deliver best in class care and economic performance. We offer our hospital partners the priceless peace of mind that someone is providing the necessary billing oversight and advocacy to ensure that they are collecting every net revenue dollar they are owed.
Insurance, Legal & Compliance
ECP’s compliance program encompasses the seven essential elements outlined by the Federal Sentencing Guidelines including but not limited to mandatory annual compliance education by all employees and contractors via the HealthStream platform; an active disclosure program supported by Navex Ethics Point; and a robust auditing program performed by The Coding Network. The program is additionally supported by a contracted professional compliance vendor providing consulting and compliance generalist services. ECP maintains an in-house compliance and legal team with over 35 years of industry experience.
Human Resources Support
Best in class training, development, and hiring to provide our partner groups and the health system’s they support a thriving and health company culture to enable the personal and professional growth of our clinicians and administrative teams.
Intuitive ED Scheduling Software
ECP offers our partner practices access to QGenda solutions. QGenda’s centralized provider and room scheduling solution gives real-time visibility into resource utilization and provides the transparency and flexibility necessary to adapt to fluctuations in patient demand.
Continuous Process Improvement
ECP’s ability to integrate with a hospital’s EMR support our partners with the ability to better manage patient volume, optimize coverage, and evaluate provider productivity, therefore maximizing ED throughput efficiency. We are also able to assist with billing reconciliation, provide data quality improvements for accurate reporting and support implementation of patient census tracking.
Real-Time Clinical Analytics
Robust data and visualization, KPI tracking, and analysis/reporting capabilities providing high visibility and real-time management capabilities to physicians and hospital leadership.
Revenue Cycle Management
Detailed regional and site-specific coding, billing, and AR management by payor to deliver maximum revenue while maintaining minimal compliance risk.
National Credentialing:
ECP offers industry-leading clinical credentialing teams and promotes quality initiatives such as cross credentialing to create flexibility and contingency staffing while avoiding use of locums.
Marketing & Communications Support
ECP provides access to first-class sales and marketing teams handling collateral, social media campaigns, and provider brand enhancement to support our regional private practice groups and their unique markets.

Emergency Care Partners By the Numbers

100% Client Renewal

45 Programs

900+ Clinicians

> 97% In Network with Payors

1.2M+ Annual
Patient Visits

< .5% LWOTS, LWBS and AMAs

ED Site Volumes From10,000 to100,000

98% Provider Retention Rate

100% Physician Partnership Opportunity

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Emergency Care Partners

a "Private Practice Group"

Headquartered in Pensacola, Florida, Emergency Care Partners (ECP) is the national emergency medicine partner providing resources to local physician practices so they can deliver the best patient care to the communities they serve. ECP provides its physician groups and hospital partners the capital and operational support resources necessary to thrive in today’s ever changing healthcare landscape. Those operational resources include practice management, revenue cycle management, emergency medicine specific recruiting, a real-time clinical data analytics platform, patient satisfaction and experience tools, payroll, and payroll management.

Our Mission

We believe that the delivery of quality healthcare is a local relationship between the hospital system and physicians, and ECP provides our physician practices with the resources necessary to best meet the hospital’s objectives for care and outcomes. We provide the necessary support to be able to capitalize on their local/regional position, so that our hospital partners can continue to thrive in this transformative time in healthcare.

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Our Vision

The national emergency medicine partner for successful, local, and regional physician practices with physician ownership.

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Our Values

ECP is committed to helping our emergency medicine practices maintain and grow their local identity, and to support excellent patient care and performance for our hospital and health system partners.

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Our Promise

We believe in strong local relationships with our healthcare partners and clinicians. ECP provides successful regional practices with the resources necessary to capitalize on its local/regional position to continue to thrive in this transformative time in healthcare.

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